California’s San Bernardino Superior Court to expand services in the Barstow district.

Great news! Beginning on October 13, 2015, services will be expanded in the Barstow District Courthouse. Two courtrooms will begin to operate on a full-time basis.  Additionally, the clerk’s office will be open to the public Monday through Friday on a full-time basis.

All small claims, landlord tenant, and infraction matters from the Victorville and Barstow Districts will be filed and heard in the Barstow courthouse.  With the Barstow courthouse expansion alleviating the pressure from the 2013 budget cuts, the Victorville courthouse will also expand services. Six all-purpose criminal trial courtrooms and three full-time family law courtrooms will open on October 13, 2015 at the Victorville courthouse. Lastly, all traffic and non-traffic infractions citations from the Needles district will be filed and heard in the Barstow district at that time.

Further details of the expansion are available for review here.

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